Working with Provider Identities in the Workspace

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The Workspace is where you can search, review, and work with identity records. You can use the Workspace to do things such as: 

  • Search and review records
  • Link and unlink identities
  • Merge records
  • Create a task and assign it to a data steward for review/action.

What is an identity?

An identity is:

  • A single patient identity contains 1 or more sourcerecords (Source + Native ID) that have been assigned to the same Link ID. Think of the Link ID as the container or glue for all of the records assigned to it because they are believed to be the same entity. 
  • An identity also represents the Verato reference record for that entity, if the source records are definitively matched to a Verato reference record.

Note that in the case of retrieving an identity by its Source + Native ID, the identity may be made up of additional source records with other Source + Native ID combinations. All of the source records will be displayed for the entire Link ID.

Searching and viewing identities in the workspace

  1. On the Data Stewardship page, click Search identities.
  2. In the Search for box, select Provider (Individual) or Provider (Organization)
  3. Select one of the following to Search by
      • Demographics — Search by one or more demographics criteria, such as name, address, SSN, zip code, etc. See Searching by Demographics (below) for a complete list.
      • ID — Under Source, select a record source from the drop down. Search by Link ID if you already have a Link ID to search. If you search based on Link ID, be aware that that Link ID is case-sensitive. Under Native ID, enter the native ID you wish to search. You can type part of the source code to filter the drop down list. 
  4. Click Search
  5. Under Search Results, click the Link ID for the record you want to review.

For more information, see Searching Provider Identities.

What you can do in the Workspace 

The Workspace is divided into 2 sections: The Identity Explorer and the Identity Workspace.

Identity Explorer

Use the Identity Explorer to search, retrieve, and examine identities that may need attention from a data steward. Once you locate identities you wish to work with, you will select them and pass them to the Identity Workspace.

  • If you wish remove an identity from the current Workspace, select Remove.
  • If you wish at add one or more identities to the Workspace, select Add Link ID.

Identity Workspace

Think of the Identity Workspace as a sort of 'scratch space' for examining identities where you can link, unlink, or merge identities, and/or create stewardship tasks for a data steward to review and act on the identity.

The Identity Workspace shows each identity as a single distinct Link ID in Universal Identity. This Link ID may be comprised of one or many Source + Native ID source records. Use the Identity Workspace to do any of the following:

  • Merge Records
  • Unlink Records
  • Link Records

Merging, linking, or unlinking identities

  1. In the Workspace, select one or more records.
  2. Select one of the following options: Merge, Link, or Unlink.

Creating a new manual task

To create a new task so it appears in the Stewardship Task Queue, do the following:

  1. Select one or more retrieved identities.
  2. Select Create New Task.
  3. Select a Task Category and Assignee from their respective drop menus.
    For complete details on task management and detailed descriptions for each Task Category, see Assigning and Managing Stewardship Tasks.  
  4. Select Create Task.

Viewing Tasks

  1. Select a Link ID to view a list of tasks associated with that Link ID.
  2. Under Tasks Associated with Link ID, select a Native ID to view it.

The Link ID assigned to the identity is displayed at the top of the grouping of data. Below the Link ID is a header row indicating what data value is found in each column (Source, Native ID, First Name, Last Name, and so on).

Each source record is displayed as a single row with one name, one address, one birth date, and so on. The Verato reference identity, if one was matched to your source records, is displayed at the bottom of the grouping of data shaded in light blue with a non-bold outline. If no Verato reference identity was matched to your source records, you will not see any blue-shaded identity data, only your own source records.

Viewing Field and History Data

Select a Link ID to view the Field and History Data associated with the Link ID.

  1. If you wish to set a field inactive, select the Set Inactive checkbox. 
  2. Select Proceed to set the field as inactive.

For Provider, active data is displayed on tasks and identities. To see inactive data, (data that is no long active, but still used for calculating the match score) click Show History in the task view or activate the Show Inactive toggle on Smart Views and Fields and Edit History. Active data is in plain black font and inactive data is in italic light grey font. 

Once an attribute has been set inactive, it will not play any part in subsequent matching decisions.