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The Individual Provider Insight dashboard focuses on identities in the manner of UMPI. Organization data is not included in this dashboard yet.

To view the Individual Provider Insights dashboard, at the top of the page, click Insights, and then click Provider Overview. The Individual Provider Insights dashboard includes the following information.

Total Identities/Total Records

How many records and identities do I have?

This data point shows the total aggregate number of records and unique identities across all sources within your instance.

Cross Source Linkage Rate

Is my data making connections across different sources?

This data point shows the percentage of records that are linked to at least one record from another data source (Record 1 from Source A links with Record 2 from Source B). Making connections across sources will make sure you have the best available picture for the identity using data from all your sources.

Overall Same Source Duplicates Rate

How many duplicates do my sources contain?

This data point shows the percentage of records that are linked to at least one record from the same data source (Record 1 from Source A links with Record 2 also from Source A). Knowing this number will let you properly assess the scale of your duplicate problem and set goals to aim for.

Identities Impacted by Reference Data

How much of my data is Verato impacting?

This data point shows the percentage of your identities that matched with a reference identity from Verato’s Reference Database. Matching with reference data can enhance the picture you have the identities you have. To note, due to the nature of reference data, initial population characteristics (such as minors) and general data quality can influence this metric.

Source Summary

How do my records and identities breakdown across my sources?

This data point shows the Total Identities/Total Records metric at the individual source level. Knowing this information gives more granular insight into the relationship between records and identities so you can troubleshoot and explore specifically prioritize sources.

Data Quality Summary

How good is the data that I have?

This data point shows the quality of records across your various sources (based on the availability of data attributes like Name, NPI, Credentials, etc.). Knowing how well or poorly populated records coming in from your sources can help you identify where operational issues may be occurring and where you may need to focus effort towards reducing data risks like thin records that can negatively impact your matching or other business processes.

Identity Size Distribution

What do the identities I have look like?

This data point shows the breakdown of identities in your instance based on the number of records in that identity. While generally helpful, you can use filters to look at these distributions based on select sources as well. This can unlock insights and discoveries such as if there are sources with unexpectedly high identity sizes, where singleton populations are concentrated, etc.