The New Verato Support Portal

Welcome to the brand new Verato Support Portal! We’ve been hard at work building a new world-class Customer Support experience. The Verato Support Portal is your central location to browse support articles and documentation, find information about the latest features in our products, and contact our Support Team when you need help.

Browse the Support Portal

The Verato Support Portal contains numerous items of documentation, knowledge base articles, a glossary of terms, maintenance and release notes, and other materials intended to help you understand and use your Verato products. The site is designed to be user-friendly, visually pleasing and easy to navigate.

Content on the site is constantly being updated as our product evolves, new versions are released, and new Knowledge Base articles are published. For quick access to information, use the Search box on the main page of the Support Portal.

Browse by Category

On the home page, click a Category tile to see more information related to a specific product or category.


(Coming Soon) New Support Case System

We are in the process of updating our support case system. The experience will be improved with ever-expanding documentation, and will allow you to provide feedback to help us improve our support offering. The new case system will be released very soon.

View and Update Cases

You'll soon be able to view and update all your support cases from right inside the Support Portal! All older cases will be available for review as well.


Article Recommendations

As you start to type the subject of a new support case, the system will analyze the text entered so far and intelligently suggest existing helpful articles that may help you solve the problem on your own without needing to submit a case.

Future Integration with Verato Universal Identity platform

We plan to integrate the new support case experience into our Verato Universal Identity platform in the near future. This exciting upgrade means that your Verato login will be integrated with your support cases via single-sign on (SSO), making your Verato experience truly seamless. Work tasks, read handy timesaving tips, watch how-to videos and request assistance using a single login and set of credentials.


If you have any questions about Verato's products and offerings, including the new Support Portal, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or contact us at