Support Portal FAQs


Can I CC other emails to existing cases?

For security reasons, you are not able to manually add other people to the CC list for your support case. However, you can request that your support agent add other email addresses on CC for that case. Add a comment to the existing case with the full names and email addresses of the individuals being requested. Your Verato support agent will create user accounts for the individuals and will add them on CC as you request.

Can I see my previously closed cases in the new Support Portal?

Yes. Follow instructions to View Existing Cases to see your previously closed cases, as well as any active cases.

Am I able to view all documentation on the Support Portal without a Support Account?

There are many reference items available for users to view on the Support Portal without the need to login with your account. There may be some content that is not visible unless you are signed in, and so we do recommend for the most comprehensive support experience, that you sign into the Support Portal with your support credentials to ensure full access before browsing the site.

Can I change the severity of my support case?

Customers can only select the severity of a support case at the time of initial submission. If for some reason you need the severity of the case changed (for example, accidentally selecting the wrong severity, or if the issue becomes more urgent, or less urgent), then please post a case comment advising your support agent. They can change the severity of the case upon request. If a workaround has been given for an urgent case and the critical nature of your issue is alleviated, your Agent may reach out to negotiate a less urgent severity and it will be changed upon your agreement.

Can I create a new support case via email?

No. For security reasons, to avoid spam, and to keep all support requests properly assigned to their respective organizations, we only accept new support cases submitted through the form when you click Submit Case on the Support Portal. You will need to login with your support credentials before you can use this feature.

What if I have problems accessing the Support Portal?

If you are having difficulty signing into the Support Portal, see Trouble Signing In for more information.

Can I escalate, or provide feedback about the support case?

Yes. If you need to escalate the issue for any reason, you may simply post an update on the case and your support agent will take the necessary steps.

Can I ask multiple questions in a support case?

When a case is submitted, the goal of the support agent is specifically to answer the questions, or address the issue, in the original description. Should you have additional questions after the case has been submitted, you will be asked to submit a new case.

Can I request to add more non-designated support contacts (non-DSC) to submit cases instead of sending emails to

Yes, please ask your organization’s Designated Support Contact to submit those individuals. They must submit the name, title, email, and phone to be added. Note that Designated Support Contacts (DSCs) can view all cases for all users. Non-DSC users can view their own case submissions only.

What is the difference in case viewing ability between a Designate Support Contact (DSC) and non-DSC standard user in the Support Portal?

A DSC can submit cases while also having the ability to view cases for all users. A non-DSC, standard user can submit cases and only view their own cases.

Support Portal Documentation

What do I do if I do not see my question answered on the Support Portal?

You are welcome to submit a case asking your question or reporting your issue. Verato Support will always try to both proactively and reactively create support articles, so the next customer can find the information without needing to submit a case. If you have an idea for an article or improvement to the documentation, just let us know! We always appreciate your feedback.

Can I post comments directly on an article?

No, users cannot post comments.

Can I find release notes on the Support Portal?

Yes! For more information, see Release Notes.

Can I get a PDF of your documentation?

We have switched to publishing all of our documentation online in the Support Portal. While older versions of documentation exist in PDF format, keeping this information online going forward ensures you are reading the most current, up-to-date information and not accidentally referring to out-of-date, irrelevant documents.