Single source record has more than one LinkID


In rare situations, it is possible for a newly added source record to be assigned more than one LinkID. A single source record should only have a single LinkID associated with it.

If this problem occurs, then there will be two LinkIDs in your data representing the same source record. Each LinkID can be searched for separately, but match only one record.


There are two ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Trigger a new postIdentity API call for the source record. The payload for the API request can simply contain the exact same attributes that already exist in the record.
  2. From the Universal Identity user interface:
    1. Search for the source record.
    2. Select the identities.
    3. Click View in workspace.
    4. Select the identities and click Link.

Either of the above methods causes the record's LinkIDs to merge into one and immediately resolves the issue.