About Verato Technical Support

This Verato Technical Support Guide is effective March 1, 2023 for prospects and new customers that sign their agreement on or after this effective date.

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The Verato Support Plan is both a service program and resource program that Verato provides to customers during the License Term. The Verato Support Plan offers technical assistance to a customer to ensure correct and continuous access to the Verato Services and any licensed data. The Support Plan does not take the place of training and documentation, but instead offers technical assistance, particularly when a customer’s access to the Verato Service is impaired, or the Verato Service appears to be functioning improperly. The Support Plan is also the primary vehicle by which a customer can report suspected product defects, as well as submit requests for defect correction, product extensions, and enhancements via support cases.

Verato’s Support Plan does not include assistance with non-Verato products, services, or technologies, including Customer’s or third-party databases, applications, networks, or computer systems.

Important Contact Information

Contact Information


Example Uses


Verato Support Portal

Online portal used to submit and monitor support tickets with Verato, as well as access online help articles. Access will be provided to up to three (3) Designated Support
Contacts (DSCs). 

All support requests and severities:

  • General operational questions

  • Issues significantly or critically impacting performance

  • Configuration changes

  • New, or deactivate account requests


Verato Support Email

Non-Designated Support Contacts can reach out to Verato Support via email for individual low-impact support issues. Verato does not guarantee SLAs for email support.

Non-critical issues not requiring designated support contact intervention, such as password reset.

(703) 270-0874

Verato Emergency Support Hotline

Can be used by any designated support contact to alert Verato Support of critical-impact issues to production environments outside of business hours, which are 9AM-6PM EST, Monday-Friday. Excluding Federal holidays.

Business-critical issues, such as:

  • Verato service is impaired

  • Significantly degraded performance

  • Time-critical production issues such as an expired security certificate

Coverage Time by Case Severity

The coverage time listed below indicates the time windows during which Verato’s Support Representatives are available to respond to new support cases.

Severity Level

Coverage Time

Level 1 - Critical


Level 2 - High


Level 3 - Medium

9AM-6PM EST,  Monday - Friday, excluding Federal Holidays 

Level 4 - Low

9AM-6PM EST,  Monday - Friday, excluding Federal Holidays 

Designated Support Contacts

To use the Verato Support Plan, the customer selects which of its employees will be Designated Support Contacts (DSCs). The customer is permitted to designate three employees as DSCs. Customer may change its designated DSCs at any time by providing notice through a support case at support.verato.com.

These DSCs are authorized by the customer to use the Verato Support Services and act as the direct liaison between the customer and the Verato Support Representative assigned to each support case. The DSCs should be properly trained and authorized to access and use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) that might be revealed only if absolutely necessary during the support troubleshooting processes.

Designated Support Contacts are responsible for the following:

  • Submitting support cases to Verato.
  • Interacting with Verato Support Representatives to troubleshoot and resolve support cases.
  • Developing and conducting efforts to troubleshoot and resolve the technical issue within the customer’s organization.
  • Receiving official communications from Verato related to upcoming product changes or operational issues.
Verato may change its support plan details from time to time in its sole discretion; however, the service level will not be materially deprecated.