Technical Support Process

This Verato Technical Support Guide is effective March 1, 2023 for prospects and new customers that sign their agreement on or after this effective date.

The Verato Support Portal allows you an easy and efficient way to obtain assistance for your operational needs. Specifically, the Support Portal allows you to:

  • Create new support cases
  • Communicate with Verato Support Representatives
  • See the full context of all your support cases and the resolution of each
  • Access documentation for your Verato Services
  • View upcoming planned maintenance windows for your Verato Services
  • Access the Verato blog
  • Access the Verato Knowledge Base
  • Access various supporting documents, glossary, change log and more

When triggered by a Designated Support Contact (DSC), the Support Portal generates a new support case and assigns it a unique case number. Then, Verato will work with the DSC to determine the Severity Level that will be assigned to each new support case. The Severity Level determination will be accomplished using both the descriptions in outlined in Severity Levels, and the impact the issue is having on customer operations.

For each support ticket classified as Severity Level 1, 2, or 3:

  1. Verato will assign a Support Representative
  2. The Verato Support Representative will contact the customer’s DSC within the response time set out in Support Response Time
  3. Verato will resolve each such support ticket in the manner set out in Resolution Modes.

Support Portal Home Page

The Verato Support Portal can be accessed at A Sign In option is available in the top right corner. The customer’s DSC will log into the Support Portal using the credentials provided by Verato Customer Support to gain access to additional functionality, including the ability to submit support cases.

The home page of the Verato Support Portal displays an interface including:

  1. Submit Case—Submit a new support case to Verato Support.
  2. The Customer’s Name—This provides a dropdown menu allowing the customer to access:
    1. Profile—The Customer’s support profile information
    2. Requests—Previous support cases
    3. Activities—Actions taken in the Support Portal such as comments posted by the customer on knowledge base articles
    4. Change password—An option to change the customer’s password
    5. Sign Out—An option to sign out of the Support Portal
  3. Documentation—Access Verato’s documentation for each of Customer’s Verato Services
  4. Upcoming Maintenance—Information on Verato’s upcoming scheduled maintenance events

Create a Support Case

To submit a new support case, in the top right corner of the Support Portal, click Sign In, and then click Submit Case. The Submit a New Support Case form displays. Complete following information (items on the form with * asterisks are mandatory):

  • Subject – Brief description of the issue or question.
  • Description – Detailed description of the issue or question, including as much supporting information as possible.
  • Severity – Customer’s perceived issue Severity Level.
  • Product – The main Verato Service for which the request is being submitted.
  • Component – The Verato Product/Component for which the request is being submitted.
  • Environment – The operational environment for which the DSC is submitting a support case, multiple environments can be selected as an option.
  • No PHI/PII added – A confirmation that the support case information being submitted does not have any PHI or PII, to the best of the DSC’s knowledge.
  • (Optional) Reproduction Steps – Steps to reproduce the issue to aid in troubleshooting, if applicable.
  • (Optional) Impact on Operations – Description of the issue’s impact on Customer’s operations, if applicable.
  • (Optional) Attachments – Supporting documentation/files, if applicable.
While the Verato Support Portal is HIPAA compliant for absolute security, the most secure way to share PHI/PII with Verato is via secure FTP. The Support Portal is not to be used for submitting any PHI/PII in support tickets. Customers must not add PHI/PII on comments to existing tickets. If PII, PHI or PAN (including but not limited to name, address, birthdate, SSN, or medical record number) are required to describe or troubleshoot an issue, the DSC and the Verato Support Representative will agree upon and use a separate secure FTP, secure email, or other secure process to communicate that information. Verato can provide Customer with secure FTP credentials when necessary and appropriate.

Support Case Communication

When the new support case is submitted, a case number will be provided that the DSC can use to reference that new support case in the Requests section of the Support Portal. The DSC will receive a confirmation email containing the case number, and a link to the case in the Support Portal. The DSC will also be notified by email any time a Verato Support Representative adds a comment to that support case. The DSC can respond to comments directly in the Support Portal, or by replying to the notification email generated by the Support Portal. At no time should PHI/PII be included in any email.

Diagnosing and Reproducing Errors

In certain cases, Verato must be able to reproduce the errors at issue in order to resolve them. Accordingly, the DSC must be available to work closely with the Verato Support Representative to reproduce/demonstrate the errors, including conducting diagnostic or troubleshooting activities as reasonably requested and appropriate via agreed-upon secure mechanisms.