About Support Cases

This Verato Technical Support Guide is effective March 1, 2023 for prospects and new customers that sign their agreement on or after this effective date.

Severity Levels

When logging a support case with Verato, the Designated Support Contact (DSC) should select the most appropriate Severity Level, referencing the information in the table below.

During initial response and problem description review, the Verato Support Representative and Customer’s DSC will reasonably agree on a determination of the Severity Level for each support case before troubleshooting begins.

Severity Level Description
Level 1* - Critical

Business operations are severely impacted because the issue is causing critical aspects of customer’s applications or business processes to be unavailable.

Level 2 - High

Business operations and processes are significantly impacted or degraded. Issue is persistent and affects many users and/or major important business functionality. No reasonable business or technical workaround is available.

Level 3 - Medium

Business operations and processes are degraded because of lower performance or non-availability of functionality. Short-term workarounds are available, or it is possible to operate at lower capacity for a period of time.

Level 4 - Low

Inquiry regarding a routine technical question or issue not affecting immediate Business operations or only affecting a very small number of users; or an enhancement request for the product.

*If the DSC uses the Verato Emergency Support Hotline to report a Severity 1 situation, the Verato Support Representative will create a new Severity 1 support case to track the issue and communications. This will be visible to the DSC on the Verato Support Portal.

Support Response Times

Verato will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to each new support ticket within the applicable response time set out in the table below.

Severity Level Response Times
Level 1* - Critical

2 hours

Level 2 - High

2 hours

Level 3 - Medium

2 business days

Level 4 - Low 5 business days

The measurement of Verato’s Response Time:

  • Begins when Verato is first notified by the customer of the issue by submitting a Support Case on the Verato Support Portal
  • Ends at the point in time when the Verato Support Representative responds to the customer via phone, email or comment.

SLA for Critical Severity 1 cases originating via phone call on the Verato Emergency Support Hotline is measured the same as cases created via the Support Portal.


Issues that Verato cannot promptly resolve may be escalated to higher support tiers for further investigation, analysis, and resourcing by Verato. The table below outlines the Escalation Levels that are available to the customer upon request and as necessary.

Escalation Level Title of Verato Employee That The Issue Is Escalated To

Support Manager or Customer’s Technical Success Manager (TCSM)

2 Senior Engineering Manager
3 VP of Engineering

Resolution Modes

Verato will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve each support ticket that is submitted by the customer, as expeditiously as possible with regard to the Severity and customer business impact. In resolving a given issue, Verato has the options of, among other things, updating the software code, changing the configuration of the software, recommending changes to the customer’s configuration, or providing patches or workarounds.