March 2023

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  • Release Date: March 21, 2023
  • Announcement Date: March 7, 2023

Patient Journey

New Features and Improvements

Patient Identity

  • Verato uses Referential Matching to automatically identify duplicate records. This reduces the number of tasks created in the first place, cutting down on the time and effort needed for manual stewardship. The Universal Identity platform's newest feature now cleans up all outdated tasks automatically. This ensures that your stewardship team focuses on the most relevant tasks, with the latest information. To learn more, check out this documentation.

Consumer Identity

The following updates are specific to Verato Consumer Identity:

  • Householding allows you to group person identities in your environment based on criteria that you configure. This new feature allows you to create more accurate "households" by combining multiple conditions. For example, you can group identities that share the same last name or address, or have the same health insurance information.
  • Match Tiers enable you to consolidate data from different sources with varying degrees of completeness and quality, creating a comprehensive and reliable single view of each individual's identity. This is crucial for addressing all identity-related use cases in your organization. You can now configure your environment to create manual stewardship tasks only when it would impact a person's clinical identity. This reduces the number of tasks associated with lower-tier identities and allows your team to focus on more meaningful work for your organization.

Provider Data Management

New Features and Improvements

Updated the underlying Provider data model to include a new contact information attribute cluster that ensures when records with the same address are posted, phone and fax numbers are grouped together with the correlating address.


New Features and Improvements

  • Improved filter experience and functionality for the following:
    •  Conditional statements for text fields
    • Conditional statements for numeric fields
    • Conditional statements and preset ranges for time series data
    • Save multiple starred filters for workflow optimization
    • General UX enhancements for filters

Support Portal

New Features and Improvements

Updated categorization of the tiles on the home page of the Support Portal and navigation throughout.