Getting Started with the Verato Universal Identity Platform

The Verato Universal Identity™ platform introduces the industry’s first hMDM, the next generation of Master Data Management (MDM) purpose-built for healthcare, to enable a trusted single source of truth for patient, consumer, and provider identities, all in a HITRUST-certified SaaS platform.

The Universal Identity platform includes the following:

  • Verato Patient Journey, which allows organizations to build complete 360-degree views of their patients, consumers, members, or citizens — including across clinical, claims, marketing, consumer, and digital data sources.
  • Provider Data Management, which allows organizations to build complete 360-degree views of their providers — including practitioners, the locations and organizations they work for, and the relationships between those.

Both solutions are powered by Verato Referential Matching, the next-generation of identity matching technology that enables Verato to make more matches, automatically, with no extensive algorithm tuning required. Both solutions also include a rich stewardship experience and compelling Insights in our single holistic portal, as well as the ability to Enrich your identities with additional data to power your business initiatives.

Verato Patient Journey

Verato Patient Journey™ identifies every person from their clinical and consumer data to help you provide the right care and engagement at the right time.

Verato Patient Journey ensures all patient data sources are accurately linked and available across your entire digital healthcare ecosystem.

Powered by Verato Referential Matching, Verato Patient Journey synchronizes the fragmented and siloed data involved in a single person’s care. It’s your single source of truth for identifying, connecting, and enhancing patient data.

Verato Patient Identity

Verato Patient Identity (previously Verato UMPI) is our industry-leading enterprise master patient index solution, which includes our robust data stewardship user interface and the industry’s most accurate identity-matching technology, Verato Referential Matching.

For more information, see Getting Started with Verato Patient Identity.

Verato Consumer Identity

For organizations looking to understand the complete journey of a patient across a wider range of data — clinical and claims data, as well as consumer-oriented systems like marketing, engagement, and digital sources — Verato Consumer Identity leverages Match Tiers technology, Householding relationships, and multiple configurable Smart Views to deliver the complete view of a person’s experience with your organization. For more information on Verato Consumer Identity, see:

Verato Provider Data Management

Today’s healthcare organizations are more complex than ever as consolidation and competition continue to intensify. As your organization and provider network grows, it can be harder to know who is who — and yet having an accurate picture of all of the providers across your enterprise is even more essential to making sound operational and strategic decisions in times of rapid growth. Get a complete and trusted view of each provider — including practitioners, the locations and organizations they practice at, and the relationships between those entities — with Verato Provider Identity™.

Verato’s provider reference data not only improves the matching of practitioner records together, but also supplies additional enrichment data to fill in gaps in your provider records.

For more information, see Getting Started with Provider Identity.


In Verato’s single holistic portal, Insights provides interactive, embedded dashboards for to answer key business questions and take action—including insights for managers of data stewardship teams to optimize the performance of their teams.

For Insights related to the Patient Journey, see Patient Overview and Patient Task Insights.

For Insights related to Provider Identity, see Individual Provider Insights and Provider Tasks Insights.

Verato Enrich

Verato Enrich is powered by the cloud-native Verato Universal Identity platform, to match and append enrichment data to your patient and consumer records.  Enrich was designed for healthcare organizations who use Verato’s Universal Identity platform application to create an accurate, complete 360-degree-view of their patients across all their data sources.  The Verato Enrich offering is a service that appends Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data – such as lifestyle, interests, economic factors, and detailed demographic attributes – to your customer records.  Verato Enrich offers a curated group of attributes that are key to developing robust, personalized care and outreach programs.

For more information, see How Enrich Data Works.

Verato Auto-Steward

Verato Auto-Steward integrates with your existing processes for resolving data stewardship tasks—in your existing EHR, EMPI, or MDM—to automatically resolve 50-75% of your “potential match” data stewardship tasks. Verato Auto-Steward leverages Verato Referential Matching to resolve tasks, automatically, in real time as they are created—and can even quickly resolve your backlog of tasks awaiting review by your stewardship team.

For more information, see Getting Started with Verato Auto-Steward.

API Solutions

For more information on all developer documentation related to our web service APIs, see:

Customer Technical Support Guide

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