Verato's Voice of the Customer

Verato is obsessed with the success of our customers, and we always strive to focus on the voice of the customer. Our Voice of Customer programs are meant to capture pain points and insights from our customers to drive better value from our products, directly shape our product roadmap decisions, and create a tighter fit between products and services, and your business.

There are many opportunities to get involved and provide your invaluable feedback.

Reference Program

At Verato, our goal is to identify one or more Verato Contacts from each of our customers that we can reach out to if there is an opportunity to connect. If you are open to requests such as talking to other customers on our behalf, providing a quote for a marketing asset, or speaking at a conference, we’d love to hear from you!

As a Verato Contact, you have an inroad directly to our Product Management teams to discuss new features and business needs and help positively steer our product development. We love any opportunity to add our voice to yours and validate how EMPI and hMDM technology is changing today's healthcare.

To join our reference program, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.