May 2023.2

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  • Release Date: May 31, 2023
  • Announcement Date: May 24, 2023

Patient Journey

New Features and Improvements

  • We've updated the user interface and user experience of Rejected Overlay tasks to make it easier for you to view all overlays associated with a patient record on one screen. In addition to applying an overlay, you can now also explicitly reject the overlay from the Verato Universal Identity user interface. To make things even more convenient, we automatically update the task status, resolution, and assignee on a Rejected Overlay task when all associated overlay entries are either explicitly applied or rejected.Rejected_Overlay.png
  • The Universal Identity Task user interface has been updated to improve its use of screen space. As a result, more information can be displayed without the need for scrolling. You can now view more records without horizontal scrolling and more data from each record without vertical scrolling.Task_Layout_Enhancements.png
  • The Verato Universal Identity platform can be configured to intelligently detect overlays on a record, even when both the existing record and incoming update are using placeholder names. For example, if a placeholder name like "BB" (commonly used to register newborn boys) is assigned to an existing record:

    • If an update is made to change the name to "Baby Boy", the platform will not mark the update as an overlay.

    • However, if an update is made to change the name to "Baby Girl", the platform will correctly flag the update as an overlay.

  • You can configure your Verato Universal Identity Instance to prevent the creation of additional overlay entries for rejected overlay tasks. This applies when an incoming update to a patient record is flagged as an overlay. In such cases, you can prevent the creation of a new overlay entry, even if the incoming update has distinct custom attributes, as long as the core and extended attributes are the same as those of an existing overlay.
  • The Verato Universal Identity platform has been updated to improve twin detection during secondary overlays, specifically when there is no Social Security Number (SSN) available on the patient record and the incoming update. Previously, even minor changes in first name would trigger an overlay. Now, the platform can be configured to only flag an update as an overlay if the SSN is missing and the first names are significantly different.


New Features and Improvements

Release date: May 30, 2023

Enrich has been updated with the Q1 2023 data set which includes 232+ million identities. Updates to individual attributes include the following:

  • Ethnic Group, Ethnicity Detail, Religion – In order to adhere to state data privacy regulations that went into effect in 2023, values in the Ethnic Group, Ethnicity Detail, and Religion attributes are removed from identities in the states of Colorado, Connecticut, and Virginia.