Is there a difference in API calls between Universal Identity and Auto-Steward?


Are there any differences between API calls for the Verato Universal Identity platform and the Auto-Steward product?


Yes. The Verato Universal Identity platform contains many different types of API endpoints for a variety of purposes. For more information on the different endpoints available, see the Patient Journey Web Service API Reference Guide.

Verato Auto-Steward is designed to answer the question “Do these two sets of identity data actually represent the same person?” Auto-Steward does this through a single API endpoint called PairMatchRequest in which the customer provides two sets of identity data as a request. Verato sends a response indicating whether the two sets of identity data are the same person, are NOT the same person, or if it cannot be determined. With this response, Verato also includes appropriate supporting evidence and metadata about Auto-Steward’s match determination. For more information, see Auto-Steward Web Service API and pairMatchRequest.