Batch Enrich

When using Enrich, a client may have a set of existing customer records that they want to enrich on a one-time basis. Verato offers a file-based batch enrichment process for that purpose. The batch process is invoked and managed by Verato—clients simply need to provide a data file containing the initial set of customer records for enrichment, typically via Verato’s secure file transfer service.

This is a process that must be performed by Verato. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Input Format

Verato Enrich uses the same batch input format as the Verato Universal Identity platform. The data file must be a pipe-delimited ASCII file, with the following fields (in the order and format specified below):

Data Element  Description  Format  Required 
Source  The source code of the system /application from which your customer record originated    Yes 
Native ID  The identifier which uniquely identifies the customer record within the Source    Yes 
First Name  First Name     
Middle Name  Middle Name     
Last Name  Last Name     
Name Suffix  Name Suffix     
SSN  Social Security Number (for matching purposes only)  9 digits, no hyphens or other punctuation   
DOB  Date of Birth  YYYYMMDD format, no hyphens or slashes   
Gender  Gender  Code values of M, F, U, O, or T   
10  Address Line 1  Address Line 1     
11  Address Line 2  Address Line 2     
12  City  City Name     
13  State  State Code  2-character state code   
14  Zip Code  Zip Code  Base 5-digit zip code   
15  Zip+4  Zip+4 Code  Additional 4-digits after the base 5-digit zip code   
16  Phone Number  Phone Number  area code + base number combined, with parentheses, hyphens, and other punctuation removed   
17  Email  Email Address     
18  Source System Last Update Date/Time  Date and time the record was last updated in the source system  YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format