Auto-Steward API Error Messages


HTTP Status

Message String/Recommendation
  • Client submits a web service request from an IP address that is not added to the allow list by Verato
  • Client submits a web service request with a missing or invalid certificate.

The HTTP response will contain:

"You do not have permission to view this. Please contact your administrator."

Client submits a web service request with incorrect username and/or password. 401 Unauthorized

Service request makes it to the Verato application tier but fails, so the Verato standard web service response will not be provided.

Instead, there will be an HTTP response that contains a title of "HTTP Status 401 – Unauthorized", and the body of the message will include text along the lines of "User is not authenticated."

Client submits a web service request to a base URL that is incorrect or does not exist. 404 Not found Blank response
Client submits a malformed request; the request is missing closing tags or misspelled tags 400 Bad request Blank response
Temporary network timeouts 5XX Service request will not make it to the Verato application tier, so you will get an HTTP message back that may contain "server connection refused", "timeout", or "socket connection reset by peer."
Indicates a timeout from the entry firewall 503

This indicates an application-level error or backend infrastructure issue.

Client submits a volume of web service requests that exceeds defined limits. Any requests beyond the defined limit are not processed. For example, if configured to limit requests at 25 transaction per second, the 26th and beyond transactions received within 1 second would trigger this response. 429 Requests are being sent at a rate above the defined limit. Please reduce the rate and retry your requests.