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The reactivateSourceWs web service is used to reactivate a source record from your instance of Universal Identity, that was previously deactivated.

Reactivating a record assigns the record a new Link ID.

Sample URL

The URL for this request is of the format, where XXXX is a 4-digit number.

reactivateSourceWs JSON request

  • The request includes:

    • A tracking ID (an optional identifier that the client can supply to track the response)
    • The Source+Native ID of the source record you wish to reactivate
  • {
        "trackingId": "string",
        "content": {
            "sourceToReactivate": {
                "name": "string",
                "id": "string"

reactivateSourceWs JSON response

  • The response includes:

    • An ‘echo’ of the same tracking ID from the request
    • Several Boolean and string values with more information about the success/failure of the service
    • List of Link IDs of the Universal Identity entity that were modified
    • The Link ID of the Universal Identity entity created with the reactivated source record (matches the first Link ID from the modified list)
  • {
      "trackingId": "string",
    "auditId": UUID, "success": boolean, "retryableError": boolean, "message": "string", "errors": [ "string" ], "content": { "linkIdsModified": ["string"], "linkIdCreated": "string" } }

For more information, please refer to the article Delete and Deactivate Records.