Match Override Rules

Override rules offer a framework for adjusting match decisions using a set of customizable business rules. Override rules are evaluated after regular matching, allowing them to overwrite previous match scores, bonuses, or penalties.

These rules can be used to either upgrade or downgrade an initial match decisions, which are made using our patented Referential Matching and the Reference Database.

Creating Override Rules

To understand how override rules may be used, let's consider a scenario where a customer posts two records in Verato with the following demographics:

Record 1

  • Name: Robert Whatney
  • DOB: 10-17-1973
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 202-288-1010

Record 2

  • Name: Bob Whatney
  • DOB: 10-17-1983
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 571-278-2311

Based on this information alone, the two records do not share enough similarities to establish that they belong to the same individual. However, the customer might have additional identifying information that confirms that these records do, in fact, belong to the same individual. This additional information could be used to define override rules.

For instance, when customers switch from other EMPI systems to Verato, they often have an EMPI ID for all their patient records. This ID is typically stored in Verato as an extended attribute. If both records share the same EMPI ID and the customer trusts the matching decisions defined in the previous EMPI system, they can create an upgrade override rule. This rule supersedes Verato's decision to keep the two records separate and instead merges them into a single identity. Additionally, the customer can set up a complementary downgrade rule to override Verato's decision of merging two records into a single identity if the records do not have the same EMPI ID.

In Verato, you have the ability to create custom override rules using any core and extended attributes. Furthermore, rules can be defined to evaluate data at the individual attribute field level or as a whole against a multi-field attribute cluster. You can also leverage pre-defined rules to further enhance your customization. To learn more or to configure override rules for your Verato Universal Identity Instance, contact Verato Support.