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Verato’s Address Verification Service (AVS) not only verifies if an address is valid for receiving mail but also provides additional details to enhance your address data. This means fewer wasted mailings and more successful deliveries. The service returns the verified address back in the API response with more complete information such as designating the address in an urban setting or recognizing alternate city names.

Our AVS goes beyond basic validation by enriching your address information with geolocation data. This can be incredibly useful for analytics and mapping purposes. We also provide insights into whether the address is a residential or commercial (business) address, helping you better understand your customer base.

These powerful features are available exclusively to customers who have purchased our AVS enrichment service, which is compatible with all Verato offerings and offers various levels of precision and enrichment. Contact our Support team or reach out to one of our sales representatives for further information on how our AVS can benefit your business.


Please note that the AVS is a synchronous process, which adds some latency to all incoming API requests. These details can be shared by our Sales or Support Team when signing up for this add-on feature.


AVS Enrichment Data Dictionary

Attribute Type Description Notes
urbanization string(64) This describes if the address is in an urban, rural or sub-urban setting.   
primaryNumber string(30) Street or PO Box Number   
streetName string(64) Street name   
streetPredirection string(16) The direction preceding the street name   Exceptions: when there is a combination of directions like NW, NE, SW, SE 
streetPostdirection string(16) The direction following the street name  Exceptions: when there is a combination of directions like NW, NE, SW, SE 
streetSuffix string(16) The part of the street or road name the describes what type of road it is.  Example: Rd, Dr, Cir, etc. 
secondaryNumber string(32) The number on the second line of the address.   
secondaryDesignator string(16) This is the unit designator.  Ex: STE, APT, BLDG, RM
extraSecondaryNumber string(32) If there is a smaller level of detail to the address.  Ex: Suite 2 
extraSecondaryDesignator string(16) Additional designator that is at a more granular level than the first.   Ex: Suite, Room, etc. 
pmbDesignator string(16) Designates if the address is a private mailbox (indicating an actual street address) or a PO Box.   
City string(64) City  
cityAKA string(64) Alternate city name such as Hollywood for Los Angeles.  Could also be E Los Angeles or East Los Angeles instead of just Los Angeles. 
state string(2) State abbreviation   
string(5) 5 digit ZIP code   
zip4 string(4) The extra 4 digits added to the 5 digit ZIP code to add precision   
deliveryPoint string(2) A number that helps sorting systems identify the address quickly.   
country string(3) The country code or name of the country of the address.   
verificationCode string(1) A code that denotes if and what parts of the address are valid addresses and can recognized by USPS.  

Y — Confirmed; entire address is present in the USPS data.
N — Not confirmed; address is not present in the USPS data.
S — Confirmed by ignoring secondary info
D — Confirmed but missing secondary info
[blank or null] — The address is not present in the USPS database.

string(12) Indicates if the address is a residential or commercial (business) address.   
vacant boolean Indicates if the address is vacant  This is a TRUE/FALSE field 
cmra boolean Indicates if this address is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency.  CMRAs rent mailboxes privately as opposed to the PO Box system which is rented through the USPS. 
latitude float(9,6) The latitude of the location.   
longitude float(9,6) The longitude of the location   
precision string(18) Denotes the level of precision of the address  Ex: High = Block level or 9-digit ZIP, Medium, Low = City or Facility level (5-digit ZIP) 

API Documentation

  • For customers with AVS, addresses submitted in via the postIdentity API request are automatically verified and enriched in real-time. The response will include the AVS enrichment information. All subsequent API requests for that identity will return this AVS enrichment information. The response includes the verified address and metadata containing elements such as the RDI, vacancy, and geolocation information.RDI, vacancy, and geolocation information.

  • "verifiedAddress": {
          "urbanization": "string", 
          "primaryNumber": "string", 
          "streetName": "string", 
          "streetPredirection": "string", 
          "streetPostdirection": "string", 
          "streetSuffix": "string", 
          "secondaryNumber": "string", 
          "secondaryDesignator": "string", 
          "extraSecondaryNumber": "string", 
          "extraSecondaryDesignator": "string", 
          "pmbDesignator": "string", 
          "pmbNumber": "string", 
          "city": "string", 
          "cityAka": "string", 
          "state": "string", 
          "zip": "string", 
          "zip4": "string", 
          "deliveryPoint": "string", 
          "country": "string" 
    "verifiedAddressMetaData": { "verificationCode": "string", "rdi": "string", "vacant": boolean, "cmra": boolean, "latitude": float, "longitude": float, "precision": "string" }