What is Provider Enrichment?

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Verato leverages Referential Matching to accurately match and resolve provider identities. Our comprehensive reference database includes over 7 million type 1 and type 2 providers. The Provider reference database contains demographics, key identifiers such as NPI and licenses, organization contact information (including physical and mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers), and details on taxonomy, education, specialties, and subspecialties. The Verato reference database can help complete the picture of your provider entities by filling in gaps in contact information, NPI numbers, licenses, and more.

Verato sources this provider enrichment data from multiple public and commercial sources. Customers may often already be managing and curating their own set of provider data (e.g., scraping the NPPES file online periodically, purchasing third-party files, and compiling all of that in a data warehouse to manage and manually curate).

With Verato Provider Data Management, you can remove the burden of acquiring, managing, and curating your own internal set of provider data and leverage the Verato platform to not only resolve your provider identities from across your many internal sources but also to supplement your provider data with complete, trusted enrichment data. Verato provider enrichment data can even be included in Smart Views for your provider identities, allowing you to tailor which sources of data (including Verato) you want to include as trusted data supplied to downstream systems.