Delete vs Deactivate Records

When trying to decide between deactivate or delete, a customer should choose delete if their objective is to reduce their overall quantity of linkIDs


When you delete a record, you permanently remove an individual patient identity record (aka source record).  If all the source records within one linkID are deleted, the linkID is also deleted.


A deactivated record is considered a soft delete. Although the source record remains in Verato, it is in an inactive state. Deactivated records are no longer used for future matching decisions and are not displayed in Smart Views. Furthermore, the source record can't be found through a Demographics Search; it can only be located via a NativeID search.


Expected behavior
  • If all (or a sufficient number) of the source records in a task are deactivated, the task is removed.
  • Reactivated inactive records are assigned new identities with unique LinkIDs. This is done without re-evaluating matches, potential linkages, or creating any new tasks.
  • If all records within a task are deleted, the task is removed.