Feb 2022 - UMPI Release Notes

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February 15th, 2022

New features and improvements

  • The UMPI User interface (UI) has now allows demographic searches for SSN or Phone based on a single attribute (i.e. SSN or Phone) instead of requiring both attributes. 

  • Two additional 'Resolution Reason' values — Active Patient and Chart Review — are now available in the drop-down list of values for updating task details.

  • Universal MPI can now optionally detect and create three new categories of data stewardship tasks:
    • Rejected Overlay — This task is created (and added to your task list) when an updated source + native ID record is rejected as an ‘overlay’ condition. The Universal MPI Product Documentation contains more details about overlays.
    • Prevented MatchSame Source — This task is created when Universal MPI is configured to NOT automatically match and link source records from the same source (when they meet or exceed the automatic matching threshold). When matching records are found within the same source, this task is created to alert users of the same-source duplication.
    • Match Same Source — This task is created when Universal MPI is configured to allow automatic matching and linking of records within the same source, but also configured to still create a task in this scenario to alert users of the same-source duplication.

      By default, your Universal MPI instance will not generate new tasks within these categories – to enable one or more of these new task categories, contact Verato customer support.
  • New View added: A Composite View option in the web service response. A composite view is a rule-based view that returns a best view of information for a single identity based on pre-built rules. The composite views can be requested along with the existing DEFAULT and GROUP_BY_SOURCE views in each web service response.


  • Fixed a bug that affected horizontal scrolling with an external mouse (instead of a track pad) in the Demographics Search results page.