Search Identities

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When you search and view identities in Universal Identity, the data about those records is grouped together first by Source + Native ID and second by Link ID.

All the attribute values that have ever been posted to Universal Identity for a given Source + Native ID are displayed together for that Source + Native ID (with the most recently updated values shown first). All the source records that have been linked together into a single Link ID by Verato’s matching algorithm are then displayed together grouped by Link ID.

Search Identities

  1. On the Stewardship page, click Search Identities.
  2. Select one of the following to search by:
      • Demographics — Search by one or more demographics criteria, such as name, address, SSN, zip code, etc. For a complete list, see Search by Demographics (below).
      • Link ID — Select Link ID if you already have a Link ID to search. If you search based on Link ID, be aware that that Link ID is case-sensitive.
      • Source & Native ID — Under Source, select a record source from the drop down. Under Native ID, enter the native ID you wish to search. You can type part of the source code to filter the drop down list. Note, you can only search up to 90 sources at a time. 
    If you want to add or change search input values without clearing current results, you can edit the search input fields across the top row of the results. For example, you could add a birth date or SSN value to the previous search.
  3. Click Search
  4. Under Search Results, select one or more records and then then select Add to Workspace.

View Search Results

Each identity row displayed in the search results corresponds to a single distinct Link ID in Universal Identity. This Link ID may be comprised of one or many Source + Native ID source records, but in the initial search results view each Link ID is collapsed into a single row, representing a single unique person.