Navigating the Verato User Interface

The Universal MPI user interface allows you to search, review, and assign and manage tasks within your Universal MPI instance. 

When you first log into the Universal MPI user interface, the default landing page is the Task List view. You can navigate between these views, and between the Search and Task modes.


Above, left to right: Task List, Search, and Task Mode icons.

Links to applications are in the left navigation menu. 

Data Stewardship

The Data Stewardship application includes the following:

  • Dashboard
  • Task Queue
  • Rejected Overlays
  • Search


The Insights application includes the following:

  • UMPI Summary Report
  • Tailored Reports


The search page has three pages or views:

  • Identity Search input view – In this view, you can specify search criteria to retrieve identities by demographics, Link ID, or Source + Native ID.
  • Demographics Search results view – In this view, you can view and select search results from a demographics search.
  • Workspace view – In this view, you can see details for one or more identities that have been retrieved from the search input view. In this view, you can also link or unlink source records.

Task Queue

The task mode has two pages or views:

  • Task List – Shows the list of all data stewardship tasks detected and queued up by the Universal MPI. You can also search for a subset of data stewardship tasks by applying one or more task search criteria.
  • Task Details – Shows the identities associated with a specific data stewardship task. You can link or unlink source records within those identities. You can also update the status, assignee, and comments for the data stewardship task.