Assigning and Managing Rejected Overlay Tasks

  • UMPI

The Rejected Overlay Task queue allows you to assign Rejected Overlay Tasks individually or in bulk. 

What is an overlay?

An overlay occurs when an attempt is made to update record with new set of demographic data that does not match the record’s current values. More specifically, when a postIdentity web service is used to update a record with a Source + Native ID combination that already exists in the Universal MPI, Verato's algorithm compares the updates against the current values on the record to detect an overlay.

The Rejected Overlays tab contains all the data stewardship tasks that are generated in response to overlays. The changes requested on the incoming postIdentity are rejected and a Rejected Overlay Task is created.

Assigning Rejected Overlay tasks

  1. Select the task(s)
  2. From the Assign Selected menu, select the responsible data steward.

Rejected Overlay Task

When you open a Rejected Overlay Task, the current values associated with the record are displayed in the left column and the demographic values that resulted in the overlay are displayed on the right column.

If you DO NOT WANT to apply the rejected values:

  1. Update the status of the task to Closed
  2. Set its resolution to Not Same Person.

If you WANT to apply the rejected values, click Accept Overlay