What is the Verato Universal Identity Platform?

Verato Universal Identity platform, or Universal Master Person Index, uses our cloud-based, proprietary referential matching technology that connects customer records across disparate systems within and across enterprises to optimize data and provide a holistic, single view of 'truth' for your patient records.

Verato's referential matching technology finds matching customer records based on both the data values in the customer records themselves as well as Verato’s comprehensive reference database of US-based identities.

Each unique person identity found within your customer records is assigned a unique identifier, called a Link ID. Multiple of your customer records are assigned the same Link ID whenever those customer records are deemed to be the same person based on Verato’s referential matching.

Overview of Verato Universal Identity Platform

Universal Identity empowers data stewardship 

Using Universal Identity, your organization can accurately identify where the same person identity exists in records within and across data systems in your enterprise. You can use the assigned Link ID within your own analytical or operational processes, or you can interactively query Universal Identity to find a unique customer on demand.

Some organizations choose to manually change or override the matching and linking decisions made by Universal Identity, electing to alter the assignment of which source records are assigned to each Link ID. This activity is referred to as data stewardship.