How Enrich Data Works

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The number of Enrich records you can access depends on your own customer data quality and the rate at which your patient records match to Verato’s Enrich Data identities.

The Enrich Hit Rate

The Enrich Hit Rate is the degree to which your patient records in Universal Identity match to corresponding Enrich records. It is the primary indicator for how much Enrich data you have available for your customer population.

The Enrich Fill Rate

The Enrich Fill Rate describes how often a given attribute is populated within Verato’s Enrich data set.

The Enrich Hit Rate varies based on the profile and quality of your customer data and the match threshold that you set when you retrieve the data. The typical Fill Rate for each attribute is listed below, though these may also vary depending on your specific preson population.

For example, if your Enrich Hit Rate is 50% and the Marital Status Attribute has a Fill Rate of 82%, you should expect to see Marital Status values for roughly 41% of your input records.

How Often Enrich Data is Refreshed

Verato refreshes the contents of the production Enrich dataset up to 4 times per year, on an approximate quarterly basis. During these refreshes, new Enrich identities may be added and/or existing identities may be updated.

An existing Enrich record updated during these events (as uniquely identified by the nativeID value returned within the “sources:id” attribute of the Enrich JSON response) may undergo changes in any of its attributes, including core identity attribute values such as Name, DOB or Gender.