Overriding Overlay Detection/Rejection

  • UMPI

In some cases, you may decide that certain rejected postIdentity requests are indeed valid updates.

If your Universal MPI has been configured to handle overlays as Reject with Task, a task should will be created in the Rejected Overlay Tasks Queue

The override overlay feature is only available as of September 2022 user interface update. Contact Verato Support to get the new user interface update.

To apply the rejected overlay, click Accept Overlay.  This will generate a notification with the following information: 

  • Type: This key will have a value of `appliedOverlay`.
  • Body: This key includes:
    • The source & nativeID of the updated record
    • Under applied Overlay, the updates made to the record 
    • Under resultingIdentity, the resulting state of the record after the overlay has been applied

Overriding overlay detection/rejection

In some cases, you may decide that certain rejected postIdentity requests should indeed be valid updates, in spite of the fact the postIdentity request was rejected as an identity overlay. In these cases, you may need the ability to re-post the request and override the overlay detection/rejection in your workflow. 

If you require this behavior, contact Verato support. They can create an additional user account for your Universal MPI instance that is configured to allow the postIdentity request to succeed without the overlay detection.

Keep in mind this additional user account should only be used for specific postIdentity requests which were rejected but later deemed to be desirable updates. By default, the initial postIdentity requests should be sent through a standard user account with overlay detection configured.