• Web Services

"Householding" describes the grouping of multiple Link IDs based on similarities in their core and/or extended attributes. The householdQuery web service is used to retrieve the collection of Link IDs that have been grouped into a household. We household based on the most recently asserted values of the attributes included in the household definition.

To learn more about householding and how to enable it, see What is Universal Identity Householding.

Householding is a capability only available to organizations who have licensed the Verato Consumer Identity™.

Sample URL

The URL for this request is of the format, where XXXX is a 4-digit number.

householdQuery request

    • A tracking ID (an optional identifier that the client can supply to track the response)
    • The Source + Native ID, Link ID, or Household ID whose members you want to retrieve
  • { "content": {
          "householdId": "string", 
          "linkId": "string"  
          "trackingId": "string"

householdQuery response

    • An ‘echo’ of the same tracking ID from the request
    • Several Boolean and string values with more information about the success/failure of the service
    • Household ID of the household
    • A list of Link ID values in the household
  • { 
      "success": true, 
      "retryableError": true, 
      "message": "string", 
      "content": {
        "householdId": "string", 
        "linkIdsInHousehold": [ 
      "errors": [ 
      "trackingId": "string"