• Web Services

"Householding" describes the grouping of multiple Link IDs based on similarities in their core and/or extended attributes. The householdQuery web service is used to retrieve the collection of Link IDs that have been grouped into a household.

To learn more about householding and how to enable it, see What is Universal Identity Householding.

Householding is a capability only available to organizations who have licensed the Verato Consumer Identity™.

Sample URL

The URL for this request is of the format, where XXXX is a 4-digit number.

householdQuery request

    • A tracking ID (an optional identifier that the client can supply to track the response)
    • The Source + Native ID, Link ID, or Household ID whose members you want to retrieve
  • { "content": {
          "householdId": "string", 
          "linkId": "string"  
          "trackingId": "string"

householdQuery response

    • An ‘echo’ of the same tracking ID from the request
    • Several Boolean and string values with more information about the success/failure of the service
    • Household ID of the household
    • A list of Link ID values in the household
  • { 
      "success": true, 
      "retryableError": true, 
      "message": "string", 
      "content": {
        "householdId": "string", 
        "linkIdsInHousehold": [ 
      "errors": [ 
      "trackingId": "string"